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Fabric Wristbands

Enhance your guest experience with our custom RFID woven fabric wristbands featuring a flat black barrel lock. These classic event-stlye and hotel wristbands are crafted from high-quality woven fabric and offer exceptional durability and comfort. Fabric wristbands with RFID smart card available.


  • NFC

  • Low Frequency (125khz)

  • High Frequency (13.56mhz)

Smart Card Size (L x H)

  • 23x39mm Smart Card

  • 30x39mm Smart Card 

  • 29x38mm Sval Smart Card

oval barrel wristband closure

Oval Barrel

Single-use Lock

flat round wristband closure

Flat Round

standard lock wristband closure


wood wristband closure

FSC Wood

metal flat closure.png

Metal Flat

metal wristband round closure

Metal Round

wristband pvc round closure

PVC Round

Multi-use Lock

adjustable wristband closure


wood wristband closure

FSC Wood


Logo Printing

fabric wristband


fabric wristband with RFID smart card

Fabric w/ Smart Card

elastic fabric rfid wristband

Elastic Fabric

polyester woven fabric wristband


ribbon woven fabric wristband


woven fabric wristband


metallic thread woven fabric wristband


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you provide custom printing or branding?

Yes, we offer full customization options for all our RFID Fabric Wristbands. You can personalize them with your logo, text, graphics, and specific colors to match your event theme or brand identity.

2. Can RFID technology be incorporated?

Yes, all types of Fabric Wristbands mentioned can incorporate RFID chip technology through a PVC smart card tag which is or inlay inside the fabric. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be integrated into these wristbands to enable functionalities such as access managmenet and cashless payments.

3. Can you encode RFID chips in the wristbands?

Yes, we offer encoding services where we can pre-program RFID chips with unique identifiers or data that your system requires. This makes integration into your access control or payment systems seamless.

4. What materials are used in your Woven Wristbands?

Our RFID Fabric Wristbands are typically made from polyester or nylon threads, ensuring durability and vibrant colors. They are designed to withstand wear and tear during extended use.

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